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Summer Drinks | Ludhiana Live News

Summer drinks are very important to bear this heat. This is a time of the season when the human body feels tired and maximum people face dehydration. So keep your body hydrated and stay cool this summer season consuming summer drinks is a must. These drinks give you the energy to carry out your daily activates and even make you feel fresh and lively.

Variety of summer drinks

Summer drinks will definitely help you to bear the heat. The most important of the natural summer drink is coconut water. During summers human body faces dehydration. Coconut water contains electrolytes which are essential for the proper function of the cells. Electrolytes need to be balanced to carry out proper messages to the brain via the human body.

Another drink is lemon water which helps you to control nausea and dizziness. It also protects you from indigestion and respiratory infections.During summers growth of bacteria takes place, so for that bacteria Lassi is the best one. It will cool your body and help you have proper digestion. Even among these drinks, Aam Panna is an important one which is prepared by raw green mangoes. It has a sweet chatpata taste and is best when served chilled. It reduces gastro indigestion and is a great one to maintain a balance of vitamins and minerals.

Why summer drinks

During summer season people generally feel like avoiding food and just staying on liquids. Every time having a glass of water may sound a little boring. So to feel fresh and enjoy the variety of liquids summer drinks are very necessary. Though in the market artificial juices and contents which are to be dissolved in water are there but having natural drinks is a better option. They will actually help you to survive the heat and even keep your body healthy.


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