Light meals during the day

Light meals during the day

Light meals during the day
Light salad

Light meals, distributed during the day, are beneficial as compared to having heavy food at once. Comparing the previous years with the scenario of today, people have brought major changes in their eating habits and prefer food which has proper nutrition value. Gone are the days when having three proper meals was the daily routine of people. Even doctors now days suggest having frequent small meals which contain fibre to build good health.

Light meals during the day; Why?

Consuming light meals during the day is better as large meals burden the digestive system, often causing bloating and lowered energy while the body struggles to digest them. Eating smaller meals helps your body to function more efficiently throughout the day. Even your calorie intake reduces when you have light meals thus it helps to prevent the chance of obesity in the human body. Another reason why it is important to eat small portions more frequently is that by doing so, you keep your metabolism strong. Your metabolism is a function of your body that works to digest food. By eating frequently, your metabolism will be working regularly, and therefore will maintain its ability to do work.

Maintains Blood Sugar

Having light meals during the day will also help to maintain constant blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar helps to give you energy throughout the day. Therefore, a low blood sugar makes you feel tired, sluggish and slow. Each time you will eat, your body will release blood sugar from the food. So if you eat small meals frequently, you will receive a steady stream of blood sugar, thereby preventing blood sugar “crashes.”

Thus having small meals is better than having heavy meals at less frequent times in order to have a healthy body.

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